Witchy Icon Commissions


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Witchy Icon Commissions
Witchy Icon Commissions

Witch character Icons for your online profiles or cellphone lock screens. Show off your personality, your tools and magic. Icons are a great way to quickly tell your friends and followers what you are about. 


*Note: This item is a digital commission that will be delivered to you via email.

Time: 2-3 days (depending on your order slot).


  • 1 JPG file with an image of your character with a colour background.
  • 1 PNG file with an image of your character without a background.
  • 1 sketch before the drawing is finalized. 
  • No shipping fees, because its digital (yay!)

Delivery: Email




  1. Chat with you about your character; what the look like, personality traits etc. If you have references feel free to share them with me:)
  2. Sketching out a character icon with an idea of what the character will look like (you can request small changes here e.g change of hairstyle or eye colour)
  3. Illustrating your awesome character icon.
  4. Sending you an email with 3 files attached (JPG, Printable PDF, The icon without a background)